A man on Reddit is refusing to take his girlfriend to nice restaurants because she eats like a kid.

In his post on the forum, the man explained he has lived abroad and tends to be "a bit more adventurous when it comes to food."

However, his girlfriend "eats like she is 10 years old."

"Unflavored water, fish (excluding fried shrimp), anything with bones, cheese other than sharp cheddar, spinach, onions, garlic, pasta without red sauce, eggs, spicy food, aioli, ketchup, potatoes (other than French fries), pastries with fruit, citrus, sausage or any 'non-American' food" is off the menu, according to the man.

Instead, his girlfriend typically orders chicken tenders, hamburgers or French fries, which makes him feel embarrassed when they dine at nice restaurants.

"We could be going to an authentic Nepalese restaurant, and she will get the French fries and white rice. It's kind of embarrassing to go to a restaurant where there is a dress code and for her to order chicken tenders and fries. I end up paying $15 bucks for chicken tenders that I could get from the freezer section at Walmart for five bucks," he explained.

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Recently, the couple decided to browse the menu of a pricey new restaurant in their area.

While looking at the menu, the woman said she would probably order chicken tenders, so he told her "that I thought it was a waste of time and money to go to a nice place to get little kid food."

"She interpreted this as me calling her a little kid. I clarified that I wasn't calling her a child. However, it is kinda childish for her to eat the way she does," he added.

In the comments section, Reddit users backed the boyfriend up and shared their own experiences with picky eaters.

"I hate people like this. Grown ass adults who eat like a kid. Sure, a burger [and] chicken tenders are fine, but most meals? Develop a palate. I would never date someone like that ... go with a friend instead," one user wrote.

"I dated a picky eater, and the last straw was when he didn't want to eat at this cafe in our city I've been dying to go to and instead would go to McDonald's to eat later. We were in our mid-20s," someone else commented.

"I had a [boyfriend] who ate these things and only these things: Beef with no sauce other than catsup, fried shrimp, white potatoes, eggs, Top Ramen, breaded chicken patties, broccoli, white rice, candy. It was exhausting," another wrote.

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