Someone call up Hallmark because this is a love story in the making! It looks like a Northlander is looking for someone he saw while out and about recently. The woman must have stuck in his mind because he's trying to find her.

I saw the story on the 'Missed Connections' page on Craigslist. Sometimes it is fun to see who is looking for someone in an authentic way. I remember a few years back, I came across a post on the page about an encounter at Bentleyville in Duluth.

This missed connection really looked like a Lifetime movie in the making, as a man was looking for a woman he saw on opening night back in 2019. Both were single parents who helped each other take photos in front of the big lit-up tree. I am not sure how this story ended but it was pretty sweet.

This one gave me the same fuzzy feeling inside! There are a lot of creepy posts on the page so it is always nice to come across one that could end in a romance. Ha! The title got my attention, with the poster writing 'glanced at each other over coffee' on the headline.

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The location was also mentioned. This romantic encounter happened in Two Harbors at a coffee shop, however the exact name of the shop was not given. Here's what the post said;

We were both drinking coffee with friends. I couldn’t stop glancing over at you. And I noticed both you and your friend looking over at me. I guess when a man notices a pretty woman he naturally wants to know her. Maybe I could take you for coffee? Then I would be allowed to look and get to know you better?

I hope that whoever the person was in the post, they see this and reach out! It seems like, based on this post, she liked him as well. Like I said, I think this is what Lifetime movies are made of so I hope these two find each other and fall in love. Or not.

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