Amy called our morning show on Friday to tell us that she discovered family that she never knew she had.  Click play to listen to her story or keep scrolling to read what she told us.

She told us that she had never met with her biological dad – she didn’t even know what he looked like - but her mom’s college roommate found a picture of him so she went to work to learn about her past. She posted the image on social media and asked her followers to share the picture to help track down her father. Unfortunately, that didn’t work so she gave the picture to her brother who is in the military and within 24-hours he was able to use his connections to identify the long-lost dad.

After learning about her father and his whereabouts she also found out that she had 3 sisters that she was previously unaware of. Amy hasn’t been able to visit any of them because of COVID but said she has connected with them on social media and told us they share a physical resemblance and despite not growing up together or knowing each other their personalities are all very similar. She is planning to visit each one as soon as the pandemic clears up.

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