With all the national (and even international) attention the Super Bowl generates, there are a ton of out of town visitors headed here to Minnesota-- if they're not here already. So, one prominent Minnesota craft brewery has posted a handy guide Surviving Your Week In Minnesota. And, it's pretty funny.

Leave it to the gang at Surly Brewing Company to post this hilarious online guide for out of town visitors to the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Surly, if you don't know, is the brewery located in Minneapolis that's credited with starting the craft beer phenomenon here in Minnesota. They even got the law changed to allow small craft breweries to open tap rooms across the state. (And, I love their Furious and Xtra Citra brews!)

Surly posted a 'Welcome To Minnesota: A Primer' on their website earlier this week, and it has some funny stuff about how we live our lives here in the North Star State.

Like their take on the site where Super Bowl LII will be played:

  • Please enjoy US Bank Stadium. We built it on top of our old stadium. It would deflate when it snowed. It snowed a lot.
  • Please enjoy the Mall of America. We built it on top of our other old stadium. That team went to a lot of Super Bowls! Don’t ask us any questions beyond this!

My favorite, though, concerns how us Minnesotans navigate four-way stop signs:

  • If you get to a 4-way stop at roughly the same time as another driver(s), your best bet is to just abandon the car, get out, and walk to your destination, as who gets to go first will never be resolved by conventional means.

Nailed it! They also offer some pretty funny takes on our fascination with the weather, what hotdish is, and more. You can read their entire guide to surviving a week in Minnesota HERE.

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