Two years ago, the Minnesota Golden Gopher softball team was ranked #1 in the coaches poll. Then, after battling with a record of 54-3 the Gophers were not even a top 16 season in the tournament. In fact, they had to travel to Alabama where they failed to get out of the regional, losing to Alabama on their home turf 1-0, twice.

2019 is a different story. The Gophers went out and battled throughout the entire season, mostly on the road, and battled to another strong record of 41-12 have found themselves hosting a regional as the nation's number 7 seed.

NDSU, Georgia and Drake will join Minnesota in the Minneapolis region. If the Gophers can advance, they will even host a super regional, with their opponent most likely being #10 LSU.

It is a big chance for the Gophers to make some noise nationally, even after proving they can play with anyone two seasons ago after what I called the snub of the century. Now with the stage set and the Gophers getting the #7 bid, they have to show up and make something happen.

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