When you think of a lake home, you don't really think of the yard, right? You typically think this home or cabin sits just off the water and the views are incredible.

While this lake home for sale has all the amazing views, it also has a yard big enough to host a football game on it, quite literally. While it doesn't look like your traditional $7 million home, you'll quickly figure out why this 1950s estate is listed there.

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From the garage space for 7 cars to the nearly 8 acres that the home sits on, you'll want to see just how amazing this listing is. Listed for $6,750,000, this lake home on Lake Minnetonka really does have it all.

Nearly $7 Million Minnesota Lake Home For Sale Includes Yard Big Enough for a Football Field

Jeff Bezo's Aunt Still Selling Her Nearly $7 Million Minnesota Mansion

It has been on the market for a while, but this mansion is amazing. At just over 9,600 square feet, this mansion has 4 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and a deck you'll never want to get off of.

Jeff Bezos' Aunt is Selling Her Nearly $7 Million Minnesota Mansion

This incredible home on Lake Minnetonka has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms and is nearly 10,000 square feet. Priscilla Gise, who is Jeff Bezos' aunt, has listed the home for sale for $6.95 million! Check out why it got that price tag below!

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