Nobody loves a good prank more than baseball players, and our Minnesota Twins were front and center in a pretty good prank involving one of Major League Baseball's umpires earlier this week.

Note the Braille on this Umpires Locker Room sign at Target Field (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)
Note the Braille on this Umpires Locker Room sign at Target Field (CSJ/TSM-Rochester)

If you were watching Tuesday night's Twins game (where they beat Pittsburgh), you'd have heard the story about what went down with Major League Baseball umpire Joe West.

West was on the crew assigned to work the Twins/Pirates series this week at Target Field. And, according to this YardBarker story, it just so happened that Joe-- who's been an umpire in the major leagues for over 40 years-- was set to work his 5,164th game on Tuesday (Can you imagine being on the field for nearly 5,200 baseball games?!?) night. It's an impressive feat that moved into second place all-time among MLB umpires.

So, here's where the prank comes in. The story says Joe got into Minnesota Monday night and went to dinner with Vikings' greats, Dave Casper and Paul Krause at Manny's Steakhouse in Minneapolis.

And that's where, before they ordered, the staff at Manny's brought out a special menu, made just for Joe. And... wait for it... it was all in Braille. See what they did there? Braille, of course, is the writing system used by people who are visually impaired-- which everyone accuses umpires of being when they blow a call against your team.

Hilarious, right? It's a similar joke a tour guide at Target Field made a few years ago when he showed me the umpires dressing room sign-- which was also in Braille. Baseball people are funny!

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