A Minnesota Target store has temporarily closed after a woman "trashed" the inside of the store for a reason unknown to law enforcement at this time. The West Saint Paul Target was closed after officers arrested the woman this morning in order for employees to clean up the mess left behind.

West Saint Paul Police posted about the incident this afternoon on social media.

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. , - 15, 2022 - Just before 9:45am, West St. Paul Police responded to Target located at 1750 Robert St. S. on a report of an individual inside “trashing” the store. When officers arrived, Target management was in the process of evacuating the store for the safety of their customers and staff. Officers found an adult female in the electronics department actively damaging property. The suspect was taken into custody without injury.
The suspect entered the store and started throwing and damaging products throughout the building apparently at random. The suspect’s reason for the outburst is unknown at this time. During the incident, the suspect utilized merchandise, including golf clubs to extensively damage products and fixtures throughout the entire store. We do not believe there were any injuries to staff or customers.
The suspect is currently being booked into the Dakota County Jail on probable cause Felony Criminal Damage to Property and misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charges.
The store remains closed at this time in order for Target employees to conduct the necessary clean up. The West St. Paul Police Department would like to thank the store management and Asset Protection employees who quickly evacuated the store to protect individuals while relaying important information to our officers who quickly and safely took this person into custody.
The post from the West Saint Paul Police indicated that the arrested individual used merchandise, like "golf clubs", to "damage products and fixtures throughout the store."
The woman, who has not been identified, was taken to the Dakota County Jail on probable cause Felony Criminal Damage to Property and misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charges.

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