Better luck next time?

I can remember being super nervous when I first took my drivers test. Being born in September, I was one of the older kids in my class so I put a lot more pressure on myself to pass the first time because I wanted to be able to drive my friends around whenever I wanted. I'm guessing this young lady just got way to hyped up as well because her first time might be her last in quite a while after this.

In a story done by KARE 11, a teenager was taking her driving exam in Buffalo, Minnesota when she smashed through the exam building by accidentally shifting into drive instead of reverse.

Thankfully the driver and everyone inside the building wasn't hurt, although the exam teacher was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

You feel terrible for this young woman because getting your license is a super big deal. I'm glad her name wasn't released because on top of the embarrassment she feels, she doesn't need the extra ridicule at school either.

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