When you work or live in a large city, you probably see a lot of trash on the ground. My parents taught me when you see trash, you pick it up even if it's not yours. I do my best to leave every community better than I found it. Hey, that reminds me of my 4-H moto! Oh, the good old days! I have learned over the years, it's super important to be proud of where you come from.

According to WCCO, a Minnesota woman noticed there was a trash problem in her community and wanted to make some change. She decided to make a "Take a bag, leave a bag" station outside her home. So what is this? It's a community station that has small grocery bags that are intended to be used to pick up trash. The article says that the station is made out of recycled milk jugs. Which is a great added touch. According to the article, community members want Mariah Weitzenkamp, the woman who started the project, to organize a dropoff sport for all the trash they pick up. The hope is that more communities in our state will start a program like this.

Rochester is a clean community. Our downtown is one of the nicest I've ever seen. Now I have lived in five states and NEVER seen downtown like ours. Just imagine if we did use this practice outside of downtown. We could have one of the cleanest communities in the country.

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