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While it's not official yet, Minnesota's Como Zoo just made the most adorable addition to its family of animals.

Who doesn't love a new baby animal? I'm guessing that's why the crew over at the Como Zoo in Saint Paul (officially, it's known as the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory) was so excited to announce a new addition to its animal friends.

In a post on their X (formerly Twitter) page on Tuesday, November 7th, the Como Zoo announced the news of a new baby... giraffe!

Como is thrilled to announce the birth of a baby giraffe! The as-yet-unnamed baby was born on Monday, November 6. Como’s animal care team is allowing Zinnia and baby time to bond behind-the-scenes. The baby will likely make its public debut in the next few weeks.

As the post noted, the new baby doesn't yet have a name, but I'm going to guess the zoo will either take suggestions for names or will run a contest to come up with the perfect name for the new little guy...or girl (the zoo doesn't yet know the gender of their newest addition.)

Okay, 'little' might not be the best way to describe a baby giraffe, right? Because even though this baby giraffe is only a few days old, it's still pretty big. According to National Geographic, a newborn baby giraffe stands about 6 feet tall and weighs about 150 pounds.

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The Como Zoo crew said this new giraffe baby is the third calf born to Zinnia, who’s 7 years old. The new little guy (or girl) joins the Como giraffe herd that also includes Clover, a female, and Skeeter, a male.

Once this new little giraffe officially makes their first public appearance, it'll likely be the most famous animal in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, at least for a little while.

And speaking of famous Minnesota animals, keep scrolling to check out some famous movie animals that were adopted by actors who also appeared in those films, as well as a bucket list of animals to look for in the wild here in Minnesota. (Giraffes, though, aren't on either list.)

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