Growing up having a soda, or a pop as we call it here in Minnesota, was a treat. Especially when my brothers and I would go to my Grandma Helen's place. We'd always have a movie night that included homemade popcorn (with real butter) and a pop that we made on her very own make-at-home soda machine. We had a choice of strawberry, grape or orange and we'd drink it out of the glass pop bottles she had.

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As I got older, we started to get pop in a can and at home with mom and dad it was always Coca-Cola and at grandma's it was Pepsi. But there are so many more flavors than that, right? I can't even imagine how little Megan would react today if she had seen this wonder in Minnesota back then.

Something tells me it would be much like the time my family was on a trip to Florida but stopped over in Atlanta on the way to see World of Coca-Cola. So many more different types of pop from all over the world and I was in awe.

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Photo by Crystal Jo on Unsplash
Photo by Crystal Jo on Unsplash

Now think about having every flavor you could imagine under one roof and then some. That's exactly what going into Blue Sun Soda Shop in Minnesota would be like I have a feeling. Where does one even begin when there? Because as they state on their website:

nobody else in Minnesota can compete with the massive selection at our soda shop. In fact, we are proud to boast the largest selection in the entire world!

Then scrolling down you can see their flavor categories that cover anything and everything from ale, coffee, cola, mint, plum, root beer and so, so, so, so much more to choose from because they boast they have "1000's of types of soda to try!"

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What I love the most is that they all appear to be in glass bottles. I don't know what it is about a pop in a glass bottle, but to me it just tastes better. Maybe because it takes me back to my childhood and to a simpler time. This is a Minnesota must visit at least once in your life (or many more) and has three great locations to choose from including in Stillwater, Spring Lake Park and Bloomington. Then the only question left will be, which soda will you try first?

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