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Artificial intelligence programs and chatbots are making headlines for their eery accuracy lately, but a new AI-generated depiction of Minnesota and our neighboring states are more funny than accurate.

If you've been following the news recently, you probably heard of Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs like ChatGPT. It was created by the company, OpenAI, and has been in the news for its ability to write eerily accurate reports and other documents. It's so accurate, in fact, that it just passed a law school exam given by a law professor here at the University of Minnesota.

But AI isn't always 100% accurate in every situation, at least not yet. Take, for instance, this new study in The Loupe, powered by The Shane Company. Using keywords compiled from Reddit user comments about what their respective state is known for, it used AI technology site Craiyon to create a single image that depicts all 50 states.

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For the depiction of our fair state of Minnesota, the survey used Craiyon to create an image that sums up the Land of 10,000 Lakes. It looks like they might have used the keywords lake, winter (or cold weather), deer, and hockey. Check it out below:

The Loupe/The Shane Company via Craiyon
The Loupe/The Shane Company via Craiyon

While it's impressive that the above image was created solely by a computer program, the accuracy is just a wee bit off, especially the creepy person on ice skates without a face. And it's not really that accurate a depiction of Minnesota-- unless you see often see wild deer playing hockey on a frozen lake, that is.

The AI depiction of my home state of Wisconsin is even funnier (or more creepy), especially when it comes to the lack of faces on several Green Bay Packers fans apparently enjoying a game at Lambeau Field.

Meanwhile, the AI depiction of our neighbors to the south down in Iowa appears to be the most accurate, although the farm field depicted looks more like a wheat field instead of a cornfield. And is that a white-colored wild horse in there too?

You can check out the AI depictions of all 50 states below. And speaking of Minnesota and our neighboring states, keep scrolling to check out 10 Things Every Person From Wisconsin Secretly Thinks About Minnesota.

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