Minnesota's Med City is prominently featured in a couple of high-profile movies and TV shows, both of which are now streaming online.

Ah, the Internet. You can find pretty much ANYTHING on it these days, right? While you used to have to power up the archaic VCR to record a TV or movie on videotape if you couldn't see it when it was broadcast, those days are long gone thanks to the advent of DVRs and online streaming services.

And in case you missed noted filmmaker Ken Burns' 'The Mayo Clinic' documentary when it first aired on PBS last fall (or didn't make it out to see a screening in-person here in Rochester), you can now catch the film on Netflix.

As this story in the Med City Beat noted, the highly-acclaimed filmmaker's homage to Mayo Clinic was recently added to the streaming service, so if you have a subscription, you're good to go. (And I have the sneaking suspicion I may be the only person in southeast Minnesota who has yet to watch it. And I don't even have an excuse-- it's still right there on our DVR, recorded when it was on PBS last September.)

But wait... there's more! Just in case your Easter weekend celebrations left you a little too busy to catch a little C-SPAN (I know, who DOESN'T watch C-SPAN on the weekend, right?!?), their C-SPAN Cities Tour that featured Rah-Rah-Rochester aired this past weekend and is also available online-- and you don't need a subscription to watch it.

C-SPAN spend several days here in the Med City earlier this spring recording footage and interviewing local leaders to document Rochester's story for their national series. You can take a look at them HERE.

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