Several blasts from a car horn startled me as I was mowing. The honks had urgency to them. It wasn't a simple tap of the horn; this person was definitely trying to get my attention.

I was immediately concerned about my family. My daughter was napping so she wasn't in harm's way, my son was walking next to me so he was fine and my wife was relaxing on our deck. What could this person want?

I released the lawn mower handle to let it shut off and walked across the yard to the man's car. As I approached I saw an elderly man with huge smile on his face.

I said hello, and he immediately started in on a story.

He told me that 22 years ago, when his boy was 3, he would follow him with a toy lawnmower, too. He ordered me to go get my wife and make her take pictures and record video. The man was beyond happy and I'm pretty sure his eyes started to tear up as he shared this memory with me. He explained that his wife filmed him and his son, all those years ago, and they still watch that video from time to time.

As he started to pull away, he reminded me to tell my wife to take pictures and videos, and said life is very short so don't forget to soak in each moment.

An unexpected and pleasant reminder about how life's important things are usually standing right next to you...



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