Do you believe in ghosts? As we have learned, Minnesota is a very haunted state. Rochester even has a Trolley that'll take you to some of the most haunted places in our city. I just learned the other day that there is a national ghost hunters day and that is happening this weekend. The official day is September 28th and communities around the country are participating.

We have one near us. Mantorville is a short 30-minute drive from Rochester and the community has a fun event planned at the Mantorville Opera House. Here folks from After Hours Paranormal Investigations will talk about their ghost hunting experiences. The Facebook event even says they will show the equipment that they use while ghost hunting and bring out some audio they captured on one of their adventures.

Events like this are happening around the country. According to the National Ghost Hunting Day website, there are two locations in Wisconson that are also holding an event like this one. One is in Baraboo, Wisconson, which is about two hours and 40 minutes from Rochester. The other is in Milton, Wisconson. You'll have to drive about three hours to check out this event. The website says that most sites that are hosting these events have been reported as being haunted in some way. So if you are really ambitious, you might go seek out some ghosts on Saturday. Happy Ghost Hunting!

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