If you love finding amazing deals at stores, there is a new place that is opening up this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota that you will want to check out!  Based on the photos and info I found, they will be selling a huge variety of items at massive discounts.  If you love thrifting, there's a somewhat secret thrifting spot in Minnesota that you might love too!  I've got those details below also in case you want to check it out.


New Discount Store Opening This Weekend in Rochester, Minnesota

I know the price of everything has skyrocketed and I am feeling that pain with every purchase we are making at my house.  I was getting eggs the other day at HyVee and I almost had a heart attack right there in the aisle when I saw that they were over $3.50 for 12.  Everything is like that too...need chicken, pay a million dollars and you can have 4 chicken breasts.  Ok, it's not that bad but I am very aware of how much our family is spending and as soon as I hear about discounts or special deals, I am on it!

I heard through a friend that a new place was opening up in town that I probably am going to love.  Med City Discount Outlet is opening at 1310 7th Street NW in Rochester and is filling up their new place right now with new merchandise.  I have no idea where they get everything or the exact prices but did see on their Facebook page that most of what they are selling is at 50% or more off of MSRP retail.

Here's everything to know about the Soft Opening for Med City Discount Outlet

  • When:  Sunday, July 31st from 2pm - 4pm
  • Where: Med City Discount Outlet, 1310 7th St NW Rochester
  • What: The new store in Rochester will be doing a trial run on Sunday to make sure everything is running well for their official opening day.

According to their Facebook page, the grand opening will take place on August 2nd.  Learn more about the new business, Med City Discount Outlet, at their Facebook page here.

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