It wasn't bad enough that we had to deal with between six and eight inches of snow earlier this week-- in April, mind you-- but now are there record-setting cold temperatures inching their way toward southeast Minnesota too?!?

Come on, man! Old Man Winter just can go away it seems. And the 'ol winter 'One-Two Punch' is shaping up to head our way. The 'One-Two' Punch usually unfolds like this: First, we get a big snowstorm and then the winds pick up and it gets really cold-- turning all that wet, heavy snow at the end of our driveways into chunks of cement, basically.

That usually happens to us here in southeast Minnesota in January or February, right? We embrace it even, living here in the Bold North. But now that pattern appears to be repeating itself during the time of year we should be dealing with April showers.

ABC-6 Meteorologist Chris Kuball posted this tweet that said, yeah, record cold temperatures could hit Rochester this weekend. Now, keep in mind we already set a record for the lowest high temperature earlier this week on Wednesday when the mercury topped a measly 23.

But this Saturday, our low temperatures could dip down to 6 degrees overnight. That would break the current record low of 9.

Great. Has anybody seen Spring?!?

Oh, and to add insult to injury, there could be more snow on the way Sunday night into Monday too. Come on, Old Man Winter! Go home, you're drunk!

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