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Here's one you don't see every day: An owl flew into a man's car over in Wisconsin and ended up landing on his neck!

I'm not sure who was more surprised in this story out of Winnebago County over in my home state of Wisconsin-- the guy driving the car, or the owl who flew into the moving car and ended up landing on the guy's neck!

Owls have always been fascinating to me, and to many others, it seems, as well-- at least judging by the popularity of an owl nest in northwest Rochester earlier this spring. And there was the rescue of a snowy owl, found along the side of a highway here in Minnesota last December, as well as his eventual release earlier this spring that also made news here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Every now and again, I've even heard the familiar call of the great horned owl in the woods behind our house. But I've never had the experience that happened to a driver over in Winchester, Wisconsin in Winnebago County (which is about three and a half hours east of Rochester, near Lake Winnebago) last Thursday.

According to a post on the Winnebago County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, an owl happened to fly into the driver's car while he was heading west on Lakeview Road. The man had his window partially open, the owl hit the door frame, ended up flying into the man's truck and landing on his neck!

That had to be more than a just little bit startling, don'tcha think?!? Luckily, the man wasn't hurt, and he was able to pull his truck over and call the authorities. The owl-- which responding deputies named Owlfred-- injured its left wing in the kerfuffle. He was rescued by deputies and a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper and taken to the animal rescue, Wildlife of Wisconsin where he's recuperating. Check out the amazing pictures HERE.

While Owlfred is going to be OK, did you know there are many common foods that are definitely NOT OK for dogs (much more common as pets than owls, right?) Keep scrolling to check them out-- and keep your pet safe!

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