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It's not bad enough they took something from something that didn't belong to them, they took it from a humane society in northwest Wisconsin!

Some people these days really need to straighten up and fly right. I mean, we all learned in kindergarten (if not before) that stealing is wrong, right? Well, apparently nobody told that to the jerks who just stole a critical part off the van belonging to the Douglas County Humane Association in Superior, Wisconsin. (Which, if you're curious, is just shy of four hours away from Rochester.)

According to pictures and a post on the Douglas County Humane Association Facebook page, you can see how thieves cut out and stole the catalytic converter off their van. And, yeah, that's the same van volunteers of the DCHA use to transport homeless pets to vet appointments and run other errands.

Come on, man. You're stealing from a non-profit that helps homeless animals?!? A place that relies on donations to help make sure stray animals are taken care of?!? That's pretty low. Outside of stealing from another non-profit organization or stealing money from a religious organization, I can't think of much that's lower. (I guess it's the animal-lover in me that made this crime seem much more heinous.)

You wouldn't think so, but catalytic converter theft is actually a BIG problem these days, not only over in Wisconsin, but also right here in Minnesota-- including here in Rochester. And, replacing a catalytic converter (which vehicles use to burn out emissions before they are released into the atmosphere) isn't cheap, with estimates costing anywhere between $1,200 to $3,200.

Now, while the animals at the Humane Society of Douglas County are well cared for, the same can't necessarily be said for the area in and around downtown Rochester-- which has been overrun with... crow poop as of late. Keep scrolling to check out the pics!

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Does Rochester, Mn have a crow problem? This poop says 'yes'!

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