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He's wanted for breaking, entering, and burglarizing a Minnesota business, but he got his name thanks to his choice of attire while committing those crimes.

Trying to stand out in today's crowded society is the goal of many celebrities, influencers, and just about every brand out there today. It's NOT the goal, though, of someone who's going to break into a business to burglarize it and cause damage. Or, you would think it probably wouldn't be the goal of a burglar, right?

Well, apparently this guy didn't get that memo. Because police in Lakeville, Minnesota have dubbed him the 'Playboy Bandit' (thanks to the shirt he was wearing with the familiar Playboy bunny on it) while he broke into a downtown Lakeville business last week.

Of course, the Playboy Bandit's escapades were caught on video, which plainly shows off his peculiar choice to not wear pants, and instead, wear only striped boxer shorts along with his Playboy shirt when he committed his crimes. Both of which tend to make you much more memorable, right?

Which is why the Lakeville Police Department posted two videos of the Playboy Bandit on their Facebook page earlier this week, asking for the public's help in identifying just who this guy is. Their post explains what happened:

On June 25, at approximately 5:30 am, an unknown male forced entry into a downtown Lakeville business on Holyoke Avenue. He was wearing a Playboy t-shirt and, most notably, striped boxer shorts. If you recognize this no-pants raider, please contact Detective King at 952-985-4879.

You can check out the video below, and contact Lakeville police if he happens to look familiar to you!

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