Yesterday during Afternoons With Val, I invited all of you to call in with great ghost stories. Thank you so much for the calls!! I got way more than I bargain for from a listener named Linda! Do you remember this? She shares more here than what you heard yesterday. Click below to listen to more!

Yeah, that was creepy!! It was so creepy that Samm Adams texted me during my show to confirm the creepiness!

Linda grew up on a farm about twenty miles outside of Rochester, and she believed "a man" was responsible for making every dish in the house stand straight up one day. She also believes "the man" pushed her brother down some stairs. She could see "the man", but her mother couldn't.

Linda inadvertently asked me an interesting question too: Do you believe in ghosts? She told me she believed "the necklace" (from the story I shared about my cousin) was definitely my grandfather sending a message. She believes in ghosts. I responded that I wasn't sure about ghosts, but I believe in bad energy.

What do you believe?

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