A man was roasted on Reddit after he shared that he finds it "humiliating" when his wife asks him to carry her purse in public.

"On days where she commutes in the morning, I wake up early with her, make us French press coffee while she gets ready, and I walk her to the ferry which is approximately a 5 minute walk, and then approximately a 5-10 minute wait for the ferry on-boarding," he wrote via Reddit.

"On our walks, she insists that I carry her purse, saying that her bag is heavy, that she has to carry it all day, and that if I carry it on the walk it would mean a lot to her," he continued, adding that he told her asking him to carry her purse puts him in an "awkward situation."

"I need to either a.) carry her purse which I would prefer not to do or b.) have an argument first thing in the morning because I refused to carry her purse. Maybe I am just stubborn, but to me, carrying my wife’s purse, and then standing in line with all of the commuters waiting to board the ferry as I hold my wife’s purse for her commute into work, is a bit emasculating and humiliating," he admitted.

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However, his wife simply thinks it would be a "nice gesture" for him to carry her heavy purse.

"The fact that I find it embarrassing for me is irritating because I should a.) care more about what she thinks than what other people think and b.) be comfortable enough in my own skin not to feel emasculated or humiliated," he concluded.

Users in the comments blasted the man for not helping his wife out.

"I highly doubt that she has to actually carry her purse all day. Nobody does that. But feeling emasculated by a purse is also absurd. Buy a nice big manly bag that her purse will fit in and use that to transport her purse for her," one person wrote.

"Ask yourself, is your masculinity so fragile that it will get broken by a purse? If so, go see a therapist. If you are standing with your wife everybody will realize it is hers and you are doing her a kindness by holding it for her," another chimed in.

"[You're the a--hole] for having such a fragile sense of masculinity so steeped in outdated gender stereotypes that you won’t do this one kindness for your wife. You’re not obligated to carry her purse, but your reasons for not wanting to do so are pathetic," someone else commented.

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