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The holidays are all about nostalgia, so do you remember Target's TV Christmas campaign from the 90's that featured Betty White?

Seeing as we're officially into the 2020 holiday season, I was doing a walk down memory lane the other day when a Christmas commercial popped into my head. It thought it was for Minnesota's own Target, and, if my memory served me correctly, it starred... Betty White, who also did some dancing and singing in the spot. Could that be right? Or did I dream the whole thing up?

A little investigation on the interwebs lead me to the commercial below. And, sure enough, I was correct: There was Betty White, appearing in a festive holiday commercial for Target, which was apparently part of their 1991 'Season With Ginger and Spice' holiday campaign. (And, seeing as Betty is an incredible 98 years old today, she was a spry 69-year-old when this commercial was filmed!)

Yes, this commercial that somehow popped into my consciousness is now 29 years old, back from that same year Minnesota was hit by the now-infamous Halloween Blizzard of '91. In the commercial, Betty's doing some holiday baking with both Ginger and Spice, Target's holiday mascots (which you could buy for just $6 dollars each!) and gets magically miniaturized to their size, so she can dance along with them.

I believe this Target holiday campaign (which is just a wee bit different from their holiday campaigns these days!) stuck in my memory because my brother had just started working at the then newly-opened Target back in my hometown of Wausau, Wis. Take a look and see if you remember it too! And, keep scrolling to check out what Christmas looked like the year you were born too!

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