You may soon be seeing more parking tickets on your car if you park in downtown Rochester. Even if you think you're following the rules, you may inadvertently be ticketed.

According to the ordinance presented to the Rochester City Council, the recent roll-out of the pay-by-app payment method and the use of license plate readers in parking enforcement made it necessary to review and update the city ordinance regarding Limited Parking Zones and Overparking.

It states: For purposes of determining a violation, a vehicle shall be considered to have remained parked or to have been re-parked within the same block, lot, or ramp when it is established that the same vehicle has been found parked along either side of the same street or road between two intersecting roads, or has been parked within the same lot or ramp at any time within a four hour period, regardless of any evidence that the vehicle was moved between the time it was initially parked and later re-parked.

What does that mean? You won't be able to leave the parking ramp and re-enter within a certain time frame. If you leave to run an errand or go to lunch, you'll get dinged. You'll also want to be careful about moving your car to a new parking spot on the same block after a certain time frame to avoid getting a ticket.

The change to the ordinance was discussed at last night's council meeting with no argument. Meaning, it'll likely go into effect in about a month, maybe sooner.

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