We all took pride in seeing Mayo Clinic doctors Elvis Francois and William Robinson when they appeared on 'Ellen' earlier this week, but our fair city has been popping up in several other national TV shows lately too.

Of course, Drs. Francois and Robinson's appearance on 'Ellen' on Tuesday was cool, and they both couldn't have represented Rochester and Mayo Clinic any better, so congrats, gentlemen!

But, being home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic also means the Med City has been getting attention from a couple of national TV dramas, as well.

Earlier this year, I posted about the time 6 years ago when 'Grey's Anatomy' featured Rochester (and what they called 'The Clinic') in a several-episode story arc. So, I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that 'Grey's' has once again featured our hometown clinic.

In a recent episode, one of Meredith Grey's patients just happens to be a fellow doctor. Where's he from? Why, Minnesota, of course. (He mentioned 'portaging' his canoe with his dad up in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.) He's had a kidney transplant, and while explaining his background, he name-drops our clinic, saying "Mayo has my back."

And earlier this year, on the new show 'The Good Doctor,' the lead character and a fellow resident are both attending a ritzy event for hospital staff and donors at their fictitious hospital located in San Jose, California. One of the residents wants to be sure and introduce herself to a well-known doctor at another table, who just happens to be head of surgery at-- wait for it-- Mayo Clinic!

Of course, we all know Mayo Clinic is prestigious enough that it can-- and does-- make national headlines on its own. And even though both of these instances are complete fiction, I still think its kind of cool the clinic located right here in our backyard is well-known enough that it's mentioned, even in passing, on several national TV dramas. What about you?

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