If you are a high school senior or you've got a child that is one, you know how hard these last few weeks have been.  I have one and my heart broke the other day when my daughter said, "Well, I've got my cap and gown but I'm not sure if I'll ever get to wear it.". 

We've seen so many great signs of support and empathy for the 2020 graduating class, including a great letter from the Superintendent that you can read here.  But we've found another one and this time, it is from the Rochester Police Department.

Every day at school, our kids are with their friends and classmates, teachers, and staff, but those hallways also have a familiar face that our kids have known for a few years.  The Rochester Police Department has a school liaison for each of the high schools at Rochester Public Schools.  They are there to help support our kids too.  They put a video together to give our Seniors one last bit of encouragement but to also help put a smile on their face...because they shared their own high school senior photos.

Thank you, Rochester Police Department, for all that you do!  And thanks for sharing those fun photos.

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