You've had this happen to you before, right?

You go to pay for something while you finish shopping (or eating), check your pockets and - *heart sinks* you realize that you have no idea where your wallet is.


After the immediate embarrassment (and utter panic), you politely back away with a sheepish smile, and begin to retrace your steps. WHEN DID I HAVE THIS THING LAST!!!??? I CAN'T BELIEVE I LOST IT!!

I'll admit it, I'm really prone to losing things. I've had my wallet, keys and phone go unaccounted for numerous times, but after some digging they usually turn up within the day. This time was different. I really had to think about where the heck my wallet went.

Before I continue this story... here's something cool: my husband and I found a different wallet (one that belonged to someone else) in the snow at Oxbow Park last weekend. We turned it in to staff, who thanked us, and didn't think much about it after. We knew it was safe until the rightful owner could claim it.

I must've gained some good karma! While I was thinking about where my wallet possibly went, I remembered I had lunch at Pasquale's last week. I looked everywhere else, couldn't find it, and checked the restaurant as a last resort. Sure enough! THEY HAD IT!!

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

Thank you for saving my wallet (and me, from the headaches that come with replacing a license and credit cards!) Pasquale's!! I can't tell you how much of a relief it was to know my wallet wasn't totally abused or destroyed, and that it was safe in a building waiting for me to claim it instead.

You can bet I'll be back for lunch too!

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