Remember how Samm's birthday was last week? We went out for lunch. This restaurant understood me.

I wish I could write a book on "go to answers for picky eaters", because I've honed my responses to my picky eating habits over 27 years. They really are on point! Fellow picky eaters will understand this.

For Samm's birthday last week, a few of us went out to lunch at The Loop. I ordered my staple. To be completely honest, it's my go to order at most restaurants (especially when they are new to me), because if they fail it I probably won't like them anyway.

We know The Loop serves tasty burgers.


So, forgive this blasphemy, but.... I ordered a "basic" cheeseburger and garlic fries... JUST CHEESE....NOTHING ELSE ON IT.

Yes, I know what I'm missing, and I'm fine with that. It's just my preference.

Thankfully, The Loop presented me with exactly what I ordered! It was delicious! ...and, yes, incredibly basic.  I found it hilarious that this was acknowledged on my bill too.

TSM Rochester
TSM Rochester

LOL!! I AM BASIC AND I KNOW IT! Thank you, The Loop, for serving me a easy burger and understanding how picky I am!

Fellow picky eaters, have you experienced this struggle?

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