If you're a big craft beer fan (like I am), then here's some good news: Rochester's newest craft brewery is set to open in just a few weeks!


We'd heard last year already that there was a fifth craft brewery planned for Minnesota's Med City, and that it was set to open sometime this summer.

Then, last fall, we'd heard just WHERE the new brewery was set to open in northwest Rochester-- just off the Douglas Trail. (You can read all about it HERE.) We also learned more about its name.

According to its official website (and this story from the Growler), Rochester's fifth craft brewery is officially called Little Thistle Brewery, which is owned by Steve and Dawn Finnie. And here's the story behind its name:

"The thistle is the national emblem of Scotland, and Steve, born in a small Scottish fishing village, has one tattooed on his back," the story explained. “We like ‘little’ because it’s humble and down-to-earth, but aspiring to do great things,” he explains. “And thistle has been called the humble weed. It’s resilient and strong, but beautiful, too,” Finnie noted in the story.

And, now, according to Little Thistle's Instagram page, we know they're set to open up shop and pour their first beer on Friday, August 24th! My wife and I LOVE trying all the great new brews at all of Rochester's craft breweries (LTS, Forager, Grand Rounds and Kinney Creek), so we'll be trying this one right away. Cheers!

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