The skyline of Rochester seems to be always changing these days, but this summer it'll be changing once again, this time thanks to a project from Rochester Public Utilities.

Usually we hear about how the skyline of Rah-Rah-Rochester is changing thanks to another massive construction project-- maybe a new DMC building or new hotel that's going up.

But this summer, RPU is set to change the skyline of the Med City by taking something away-- specifically, the big 'ol smokestack at the Silver Lake Power Plant. According to RPU's May 2020 issue of Plugged In, the Unit 4 299-foot chimney (which I guess is the actual term for it, and not 'smokestack,' as I said earlier) at the Silver Lake Power plant is set to be demolished later this summer.

The structure was built back in 1968 and was in use for the next 45 years until the Silver Lake Power Plant was taken offline back in 2013. It actually consists of two chimneys, Plugged In said, noting it contains "two concentric chimneys; an inner cylindrical lining made of acid-proof brick which carried the flue gas, and an outer concrete column that provided support and protection from temperature changes and the elements."

And while the big chimney is still sound and is in no danger of collapsing, RPU said that some of the surrounding structures-- like ladders and lighting platforms-- are corroding and could become a hazard. So, the whole thing is set to be taken down early this summer. You can read more about the project HERE.

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