2020 was the year of change including the transition from working in the office to working at home. The problem is, many of us were not prepared to bring our entire office into our homes and were left with less than ideal workspaces.

That's why we've teamed up with our friends at Schmidt Goodman Office Products (Rochester's best-kept secret for quality office furniture) to give one lucky person a complete home office makeover!

Wow! Some of you REALLY need this home office makeover! We've narrowed it down to the top 21 most wonky workspaces and it's now up to you to choose the most hopeless home workspace. Scroll down to see the pics and cast your vote! The entry with the most votes wins the home office makeover!

NOTE: You can vote once every 24 hours. Voting ends February 7 at midnight.

Voting is now CLOSED! Scroll down to see who won!

See The Prize!

  • Cathy Severson

    Note the woodblocks for leveling.

    Whatever it takes to get the job done!!

  • Diane O'Connor

    Pantry-Storage Space

    and now the home office

  • Heather Smith

    Camping tables/broken

    chair I literally found at OfficeMax

  • Jaxson Phoenix Sr


    Not too comfy for a bigger guy.

  • Jennifer Martin

    Kitchen Counter

  • Jennifer Odle-Meyer

    Kitchen Table

    Would love to have my table back!

  • Julie Kolass


  • Kari Stringer

    Super Old Desk

    The dog also eats in this room.

  • Kayla Lutz


  • Kevin Kullot

    Mismatched Monitors

    Squeezing in 3 monitors so they don't fall off the edge.

  • Kim Ferraro

    Folding table/basement

    and use a side chair with a coffee tray as extra space.

  • Lindsay Fogelson

    Crockpot Riser

    No crockpot dinners for us!

  • Megan Deyo

    Cramped space.

    Need 2 monitors, but not with this space.

  • Nataša Tunjic Stjepanovic

    Tiniest Workspace

  • Nicole Andrist

    Catch all and shut the


  • Nicole Koch

    Card table desk

    and chair in our nursery for our soon to be little one. :)

  • Robin McCool

    In the kitchen

    while trying to stay out of the chiropractor's office.

  • Rose Hallman

    Spare Bedroom

    Also the dog's room and our dirty clothes drop.

  • Sally Busse

    Can’t eat at the table

    cause it’s too full of computers/work junk.

  • Shari Messmer

    Rubbermaid Container

    + games for height. Folding chair. Help!

  • Terri Wehrman

    Daughter's room turned

    into office-sewing. Overloaded multipurpose room.