Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The recommended sites for the mobility hubs planned for the Destination Medical Center project are unsurprising.

Using recently adopted criteria, city staff and DMC consultants have recommended the parking facilities be located at Graham Park and at the site of the Mayo Clinic’s West Lot. The recommendations, along with a preliminary circulator route alignment and preview of potential park and ride locations will be presented to the Rochester City Council Monday afternoon.

The two recommended mobility hubs, selected from a list of 6 potential sites, are part of the overall DMC transit plan that would provide about 6,000 parking spaces connected to downtown Rochester by a bus rapid transit circulator with 10-minute service up to 18-hours a day.

According to Deputy City Administrator, Aaron Parish, “The information that will be shared during the Committee of the Whole meeting describes a critical step in the transportation improvement process. As proven in other communities, mobility hubs and transit circulators play an important role in achieving transit goals. In addition, the opportunity for intentional development, like affordable housing within or near these transit hubs, is a real opportunity to meet goals in other priority areas as well.”

The report will be reviewed by the Destination Medical Center Corporate Board at its meeting on Tuesday.

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