I don't know how many times I have watched this video and I still cannot believe what I am seeing. It is so bad it has to be fake. Now granted I understand how maybe someone who is elderly might have an initial problem trying to do this, maybe they are used to self-service stations but this woman looks pretty young to not have this figured out.

My initial reaction was whoa nice car, a Mercedes, maybe it's not hers and that is why she is scared to get too close to the pump, but c'mon. The women that are filming this completely crack me up with their commentary while filming the entire thing. The crazy thing is though I was actually getting kind of irritated and found myself yelling at my computer screen at her. Good thing I was not there when this was going on. But actually, I would hope that I would have gotten out of my car and helped guide her to the pump.

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When I see this kind of stuff, again if this is real, I think to myself I am pretty sure I would never want to get in a car with this woman or even be stuck driving behind her, she seems like she really needs to take a time out and concentrate a little bit.

Then when she finally does get lined up with the pump I thought to myself I hope she puts the right gasoline in and not diesel or something. In case you are someone who always forgets what side your gas tank is on, the next time you are in your vehicle look on the dashboard at your little gas tank Icon. You will see an arrow > either on the left or right side and that is what side your gas tank is on!

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