If you had ever been to Janesville, MN and arrived from the West prior to 2014 you were greeted by a neat line of grain bins that spelled out the town's name. In July of 2014, after storms had taken out a few of the bins, the rest came down. Now a Janesville teen is bringing the grain bins back, but using his lego's to do so.KEYC-TV in Mankato recently ran a report on 15-year-old Blake Ready of Janesville and his up-coming community event to re-created the welcoming grain bins with Lego blocks.

On June 23rd Ready and a group of 20 volunteers will gather together and re-create the bins. But how did the former 10-grain bins ever spell out the name of the town? In a 2014 newspaper piece from the Mankato Free Press:

"Janesville State Bank President and fellow Janesville resident Mike Finley counted the grain bins on the west side of town. There were 10. That’s the same number of letters in the town’s name.

Since they were right along the highway leading into town, he thought painting one large letter per bin would be an interesting and unique way to welcome people into town." - 

And so it was done, the project was completed before Hay Daze of that year fateful year, the storyteller wasn't sure if it was 1988 or 1989, and they stood until the fateful 2014 June windstorm that took them down.

Now in 2019, a 15-year-old and a group of community members will re-create them, only smaller.

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