Exactly four weeks from today it's Thanksgiving. Due to this year sucking, my wife and I decided we would host some family for the holiday as our normal plans were thrown out the window. So part of hosting the meal is of course the food, but what sides should one offer up this year? One recent survey conducted by Zippia looked at "Google searches to determine each state’s favorite Thanksgiving side." Minnesota's was rather unoriginal with mashed potatoes.

According to data provided by looking at Google searches by state, Zippia was able to determine what was each state's favorite side dish for Thanksgiving. This data determined Minnesota's was mashed potatoes, and we weren't alone in selecting that side either. Another 9 states listed mashed potatoes as their top-picks. If you look at the infographic from Zippia, mashed potatoes are clearly a northern US favorite.

Image Credit: Zippia.com
Image Credit: Zippia.com

Other top sides determined by Zippia were:

Green Bean Casserole - 7 states
Mac and Cheese - 6 states
Various forms of stuffing - 7 states

Only one state really stood out to me when I looked at the map. That state was Maine. A side salad? Is it smothered in gravy? Who are you kidding Maine? Who has time for lettuce on Thanksgiving?

As for our neighboring states Iowa chose corn, Wisconsin and North Dakota sided with mashed potatoes, and South Dakota went with the always tasty crescent roll.

You can see the full listing of favorite Thanksgiving side by state here. 

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