Curt St. John and I decided we would test the knowledge of the amazing people of Rochester with a fun game we call "Country Song or Ain't!" This "made up" game has very few rules and some of them were made up on the spot... we just wanted to have fun while enjoying the beautiful Minnesota summer day.

So, we compiled a list of random country songs... most of them came out before I was even a thought! But what about the fake ones? Oh we had fun making those up before we hit the streets. After finding a few willing contestants at Thursdays Downtown, we tried to see if we could stump them. They may or may not have gotten some help from the peanut gallery as time went on, but it was so so so much fun.

If this radio thing doesn't work for Curt and I, we might have the next big game show to hit national television. Check out this video and study up because you may be our next contestant.

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