Have you ever noticed this in Minnesota? Everyone complains about everyone else's driving. So who is wrong? Perhaps it's part of why we are all guilty of driving passive aggressively. It's something that has driven my boyfriend crazy since moving here from Texas. It's something that drives most, if not all, of us crazy.

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There are so many driving pet peeves and everyone has one particular one that really annoys them the most. Maybe yours is on this list?

  1. Driving slow in the fast lane
  2. Tailgating
  3. Running a red stoplight (this is one of my biggest driving pet peeves)
  4. Stopping at a roundabout and never going
  5. Swerving in and out of traffic, nearly causing an accident

There are SO MANY! You may have also noticed one missing and it's one that recently the Minnesota Department of Transportation warned on in a Tweet, in the most savage, yet awesome way. What they warned about was using your turn signal! Who guessed that was missing from the above list?

Pretty sure I have cussed under my breath or had words in my vehicle out loud to the person ahead of me, who all of a sudden decides to pull in front of me and never uses a turn signal and causing me to hit my brakes. Which is why when I saw this:

bravo, Minnesota Department of Transportations, bravo
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It's also the reminder I try to give myself when I get annoyed with drivers, reminding myself, I'm not a perfect driver either and I do make mistakes. So my apologies to those people out there I have annoyed with my driving in the past, I promise it was never on purpose.

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