I have learned over the past few months that Minnesotans love to drink. Well, Justin Moore wrote a song called, "Why We Drink," and it directly relates to Minnesotans. Check out the song!

Here are the 25 reasons, "Why We Drink," in Minnesota. If you ever need an excuse to crack a cold one, you can probably find one that works on this list!

  1. It's Friday in Minnesota
  2. It's Monday in Minnesota
  3. Because we are grilling in the dead of winter in Minnesota
  4. Because we won't be able to drink one day
  5. When the sun comes up in Minnesota
  6. When the sun is down in Minnesota
  7. Minnesotans need to unwind
  8. Because we have been working all day in Minnesota
  9. The drinks are cold in Minnesota
  10. It is hot in Minnesota... okay this one isn't true, but it is cold in Minnesota
  11. When we are on Jon's boat with a line out fishing in Minnesota
  12. Because we are a little messed up and it is cheap in Minnesota
  13. We grew up in Minnesota
  14. We are still kids in Minnesota
  15. Our dads drank in Minnesota
  16. Because it's considered alcohol abuse to pour a beer out in Minnesota
  17. We drink because  the Vikings lost
  18. We drink because the Twins won
  19. Minnesotans drink because "Sweet Home Alabama" is on the radio
  20. Minnesotans are always looking for a reason to raise one
  21. We drink with our good friends in Minnesota
  22. We drink for a good time in Minnesota
  23. We drink for you and me in Minnesota
  24. Minnesotans drink for the red, white and blue
  25. We drink for the Minnesotan boys and girls overseas

There you have it! Here are the 25 reasons why Minnesotans drink according to Justin Moore. I hope this made your day! 😂

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