We've all seen them, and we've all wondered why they are still in the shape they are in.

I'm talking about parking lots. How many in Rochester have too many potholes, high speed-bumps, are too tight, or are taken over by speeders? Yeah - a lot of them.

I decided to ask you guys which ones you felt were the worst, and I've gotta say I agree with all of them.


Which ones do you think are the worst in Rochester? Our list looks like it has a resounding same five lots mentioned. Do these sound familiar?

  • Chipotle/Verizon NW's lot: It's on Marketplace Dr NW. It's freaking tight, seemingly always crowded (can't blame the crowd, the businesses there are awesome) and people tend to speed through it.
  • Ashley Furniture NW's lot: You know the one. Its neighbors are Hobby Lobby and Best Buy. Those speed bumps. It's just unnecessary for them to be that high!
  • Olive Garden / Wild Bill's / Denny's lot: 17th Ave NW. It's filled with potholes and always a tight fit for cars.
  • Chipotle on S. Boadway's lot: We love Chick-fil-A, but man this lot is crazy packed now with the new addition. The layout of the whole lot just isn't conducive to driving. There are SO many restaurants and shops in that one location anymore. It's almost too much.
  • Anywhere downtown: I don't think I need to elaborate on this. There just is no parking.

So how do we resolve the parking problem? Well, I think there's multiple answers here. Firstly, future parking lot layouts have to take some of these points into consideration. We might not be able to do anything about the horrible ones that exist, but we can at least learn and take notes on what isn't working.

We've also got to maintain them. It's that simple.

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