Seriously, I've never read something so dumb.

Today, I found out that if you're crossing state lines in Minnesota (be it to enter or leave), there are two types of animals that you must absolutely NOT have atop of your head! That's right.... ON YOUR HEAD.

Two questions here: 1) WHO IS CARRYING AN ANIMAL ON THEIR HEAD? and 2) What does Minnesota have against chickens and ducks?

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Yes, chickens and ducks specifically are banned when it comes to this law.

According to this website, they say, "A person may not cross state lines with a duck atop his head." Additionally, "Citizens may not enter Wisconsin with a chicken on their head." Is that weird or what!?

Does anyone know why this law exists? Did someone have a problem with putting animals on their head?

The Quick Country duck, on her nest outside our studios, no doubt waiting for somebody to toss her some crackers-- even though they're not the best for her.