Sports fans... brace yourself... it's never too soon to start talking about Hockey season. At least that's what my friends who are native to Minnesota say. As we know, the Minnesota Wild has gone through a few changes already this year and they just announced another.

Bring Me The News claims that the team is adding another voice to their TV and Radio broadcasting team. The person they are adding isn't unfamiliar to Minnesota sports fans. Have you heard the name, Paul Allen? He is currently the voice of the Minnesota Vikings, Canterbury Park and will now be filling in for Bob Kurtz with the Wild. Here's the Tweet that was posted the other day.

You may be wondering why the addition is happening. Don't worry, I was thinking the same thing. The article says that Bob Kurtz wants to cut back on his traveling with the team. Allen will fill in on the road games that Kurtz chooses not to go on.

For the Fox Sports North team... the voices will consist of LaPanta, Mike Greenlay, Lou Nanne, Rayan Cater, and Wes Walz. All of them have a connection to Hockey.

It's hard to think we are almost through September and hockey season kicks off in October. I guess time flies when you having fun. The Wild opens their season in Nashville on October 4th and their home opener is October 12th against Pittsburg.

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