The holidays are upon us and that means there are a TON of classic holiday movies and specials we'll all be watching once again. So which one is Rochester's favorite?


Well, we asked Quick Country 96.5 listeners this question earlier this week: What Christmas movie have you seen a million times but still watch it when you see it’s on TV?

When it comes to movies, for me, it's a couple: First and foremost, A Christmas Story. Probably because TBS has runs it in a 24-hour marathon on Christmas Eve for like 20 years now. (Even though we own a copy on DVD, too.) We also have to watch Christmas Vacation, the Holiday, and Love Actually (even though those last two aren't really Christmas movies.) We also usually watch a classic or two, like White Christmas or It's A Wonderful Life too.

But what was the most popular Christmas movie you guys came up with? That would have to be one of the following: Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, White Christmas, A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas and It's A Wonderful Life. Elf and the Polar Express also got a few mentions as well.

I can't disagree. We have to watch those classic TV specials (Charlie Brown and Rudolph) each year too. (And, we even have Yukon Cornelius and the Bumble decorations on our mantel!)

Happy watching!

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