*cues Prince's "Purple Rain" and "Let's Go Crazy"*

Did anyone expect the skies over southeast Minnesota to look like this last night?

I must've counted at least three different colors within the sky during a tornado warning last night. I personally noticed beautiful hues of orange, pink and green. What did you see? Take a look at the gallery below.

I couldn't help but ask what the heck causes a sky to do this anyway? Why the multiple colors?

Back in 1993, a study was done at Penn State that might offer an explanation as to why different parts of southeast Minnesota saw different colors in their sky. It was Dr. Craig Bohren who explained that,"[...] sunlight behind the thunderstorm is attenuated and scattered by the rain and/or hail shaft to yield a bluish hue. If this thunderstorm occurs around sunrise or sunset, when the sun takes on a more red/orange/yellow look thanks to a longer trip of the sun's rays through the atmosphere, that thunderstorm could instead look more green."

Check out these gnarly clouds from Jeff Cecil in Rochester!

One thing is certain. No matter who saw what colors in their sky, it all was a pretty sight to see! Or, if you're me, a terrifying one.

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