You've probably already guessed that H&M is flourishing in Minnesota, but did you know one location is expanding like crazy?

We so often hear stories of retailer closing in Minnesota, but for H&M, the exact opposite is happening. According to Go MN, the Woodbury Lakes location is adding 20,000 ft. of floor space and "[...] will carry H&M's women's, men's and teen line, as well as the H&M Kids collection for newborns to 14-year-olds." Something for everyone!

H&M Loves Coachella Tent at The Empire Polo Field
Getty Images for H&M

Oh, and a movie theater is coming nearby too! It just gets better and better from there.

It's a smart move on their part, and it's according to their plan to give the company a financial boost. A recent Forbes article explained, " [...] it was dropping its goal of opening 10% to 15% more stores each year and instead turning its focus to getting more revenue from existing stores, a tacit recognition that its store fleet is nearing the saturation point in many markets."

The new location is set to be ready by the fall of 2018! Are you ready for it?


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