Can we get them out? This is truly heartwrenching.

KAAL-TV reports, "Sue and Chuck Whitcomb, from Rochester, have been in Houston, Texas since Aug 21.  They didn’t know they wouldn’t be able to return to Rochester at their original departure time."

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Thankfully, the Whitcomb's are staying with family.  They originally planned to leave Houston on Monday. Those plans changed rapidly. Their daughters Emily and Angie remained in Rochester for the time being.

Despite this, their concern is for the residents of Houston. The Whitcomb's know that (eventually) they'll get home, but most aren't so lucky.

Hurricane Harvey (and the devestation it's brought with it) is increasing with intensity. Just hours ago, levees began to break. It will be one storm that Houston and the surrounding areas won't forget.

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