Remember the hilarious peregrine falcon photo that I posted not too long ago? Apparently, there is a love story behind this fledge.

Recently, I was shocked to learn that this (what I thought was a "hawk") falcon isn't alone in the Rochester area.

Blue Jean Photography
Blue Jean Photography

Peregrine falcons are encouraged to breed and live in the Rochester area, through various conservation efforts. In particular, this peregrine falcon is a young fledge who has quite an incredible love story!

Jackie Fallon of The Midwest Peregrine Society filled me in, explaining, "This is a 2015 fledge from the Mayo building at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis who also occupied the site in 2016. She is paired with a male named Orton from City Hall in Minneapolis (who was also at Mayo in 2016). We are hoping the pair will be successful in 2017, while we celebrate the 30th Anniversary of peregrines in Rochester."

Yeah, this has been going to for 30 years!! That is awesome!

Conservation Work Is Carried Out At The International Centre For Birds Of Prey
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You're probably wondering what a "fledge" is like I did, Jackie says, "Fledge means where the chick took its first flight from, where it was hatched and successfully survived long enough to fly at about 40-42 days of age. Right after fledge, and their first year of life, are the most dangerous time for a new chick. Generally, only 20-35% of the chicks live long enough to see their first birthday."

Again, so cool! Nesting season is about to begin for these amazing birds. Be sure to catch them on the Mayo cameras this spring!

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