Warning, this Wisconsin beer is being recalled right now due to the risk of explosion!

Being that I'm a native Wisconsinsite and beer-lover, my head snapped to attention when I saw this story about beer the Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee brewed that's being recalled because it could explode.

That's just not something you see everyday, is it? But sure enough, that's what's happening. Now, I've been to the Lakefront Brewery, took the tour, and enjoy several of their beers (which are available at several liquor stores here in southeast Minnesota), but I'd never heard of the risk of one exploding.

But sure enough, Lakefront is recalling bottles of their 'My Turn Junk' sour beer right now because they could blow up. According to a post on their Lakefront Brewery Facebook page, the beer itself is fine-- but it's the wild cherries Lakefront used to brew the beer that could cause problems.

"Wild yeast from the cherries used to brew the beer may continue to ferment, building up pressure in the bottles, making them at risk for explosion," the post said.

I can understand. My wife and I brewed some beer at home a few years ago, and when it came time to ferment the wort, we added a wee bit too much yeast and then let the bottles ferment too long. They didn't explode, necessarily, but thanks to all that extra pressure inside the bottles, when you cracked one open, you pretty much got just foam and not much beer.

So what should you do if you happen to have any Lakefront 'My Turn Junk' sour beer? Well, their Facebook page said they're offering you a full refund. "Shoot a photograph of the bottle’s back label, send it to support@lakefrontbrewery.com, along with your address, by October 1st and we’ll send you a check," the post said.

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