If you have been following and reading my posts, you know I love coffee and finding new coffee shops around Minnesota that are truly unique.

Back in January, I posted an article about FRGMNT (Frag-ment) Coffee and how they recently opened a GORGEOUS shop in the RiverPlace Main Hall, in the St Anthony Main neighborhood.

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FRGMNT Coffee is a coffee shop that was born in Minnesota in 2019. FRGMNT not only has a wonderful menu and beautiful spaces to share with us but when combining that with their motto, FRGMNT shares what it really means to help create community.

FRGMNT’s motto is simple: FRGMNT (frag·ment) - part of the whole: Neighborhood, Industry, Community, World.

On their about page, FRGMNT shares that they were “born out of our love of coffee, excitement over trying new things, and joy in bringing people together. We want to introduce our guests to an ever-changing menu of coffees and accompaniments from partners down the street to across the globe. Our partners are like-minded, tirelessly working to elevate the craft and trying new things.”

But recently it has been announced that FRGMNT Coffee will open its fourth Twin Cities location this spring within Open Book in Minneapolis' Mill District! Woohoo!!

I am so excited about this because Open Book, as noted on its website, is a gathering place, sanctuary, and destination for all who are interested in or inspired by the literary and book arts. And they have been without a coffee shop since the pandemic. So it is just so magical that Open Book will have a coffee shop to go along with all the other spaces.

In their pdf article about how Open Book came to be, they share how vital and inspirational this place is to Minneapolis:

Open Book is a cultural and artistic center dedicated to the book. It is the first such center in the nation to serve as a gathering place that celebrates the book community and offers programs to inspire participation in reading, writing, and book arts.

I really recommend visiting their website and looking through their history because it is so amazing. The Open Book space includes three founding partner nonprofits, The Loft Literary Center, Minnesota Center for Book Arts, and Milkweed Editions. Additionally, Milkweed Editions operates a bookshop, Milkweed Books, and the Minnesota Center for Book Arts operates The Shop at MCBA. Mayfly Design, Doorway Massage, and the Weavers Guild of Minnesota are also housed in Open Book.

At the new location, their menu will include many drink options. For coffee, they have the basics like black coffee, White coffee (comes in a macchiato, cortado, latte, flat white, and cappuccino). The menu also offers syrups for your drink, different espresso tonics, seasonal lattes, and milk alternatives. For tea and other drinks, they have many hot teas, iced tea, matcha options many more! In addition, the new location offers Honey + Rye baked goods and FRGMNT fare grab-and-go foods (which include crafted salads, sandwiches, and snack jars).

What is cool is that FRGMNT’s coffee (as well as chocolate) comes from many different partnerships in the U.S. and all around the world. You can view their partnerships here.

according to an article about the new location, Bring Me The News shares that General Manager Bethany Whitehead explained that while Open Book has had an average of 6,000 visitors per month since last year's reopening, they are looking forward to having a coffee shop again.

"Having a coffee shop will only increase traffic and community engagement, introducing coffee fans to the myriad of experiences possible at Open Book and providing those who are taking classes, visiting, or doing business at Open Book a chance to have a coffee and snack onsite," Whitehead shares to Bring Me The News.

This fourth FRGMNT location is set to open this spring, and I am so excited to visit as Open Book will hold my favorite things: a sanctuary to read and amazing as heck coffee. And I hope you find a time to visit it as well.

All information is credited to openbook.org, frgmntcoffee.com, and the article from bringmethenews.com.

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