She's almost too cute to function. Seriously. My cat and I had some celebrating to do today.

It was on this day, three years ago, that my cat Pantera entered mine and my husbands' life. I know I talk about her a lot, but I can't help it! Wanna hear the story of how she came into our life? Watch this!

Yeah, she's a bit of a diva, but we love her. I can't imagine going about my day without her!

I love the fact that she waits for me to come home. I love the facts that she greets us every morning, if she's not laying on our bed already. She insists on knowing we're alive, and will head-butt both of us at 5AM every day to make sure of it.

She also gets angry when either me or my husband leave the house. It's on the level of, "DON'T YOU DARE PUT YOUR BOOTS ON AND LEAVE ME!"

She seriously recognizes that us putting on our shoes means we're about to leave for a period of time.

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